Episode 72 – Swami Om Goes Crazy Once Again

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 72 – First Posted on 28th December 2016

In today’s bigg boss episode, Swami Om was seen doing his usual overacting by saying to Gaurav that Bani is just like his daughter. He said that he had loved all the females in the house just like his daughters.

Today, Bigg Boss gave the contestants another chance to win the luxury budget and gave them a new task called “Toofan(Storm)“. It was also mentioned that this particular task would have an impact on captaincy.

According to this task, the whole house was transformed into a snow clad area and a huge igloo was placed in the garden area. The housemates were asked to dress like Kashmiris and they were required to build the igloo by making use of the equipment provided.

From time to time, a storm would hit the house and the housemates had to take shelter in the igloo. The contestant who would enter the igloo in the very last would be disqualified from the task as well as the captaincy.

Swami Om as expected went crazy even before the task started and announced that he would push others during the task and if anyone falls, it would not be his fault. The task started and Mona Lisa was the first one to have eliminated.

Swami brought a stool from the house and out it right in front of the igloo. Gaurav said to him that this would hinder their way but Swami Om insisted to sit there. Gaurav became quite upset and said that he would become mad too today.

The next storm came and Gaurav was the last one to enter and so he also got disqualified.

However, while entering the igloo, there was a lot of push and pull and as a result, Lopamudra apparently got hit by Bani and both of them got into a fight. The next storm came then and Nitibha got disqualified from the task.

In tomorrow’s episode, the task would continue and Rohan and Swami Om will get into a huge argument.


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