Episode 69 – Priyanka Jagga Kicked out of the Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 69 – First Posted on 25th December 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss episode, yesterday’s task was continued and Manu and Swami Om finally decided to sacrifice by nominating themselves for the next week.

As a result, Bani was able to meet her best friend “Gauhar Khan” for 10 minutes. Next, Lopamudra’s was able to meet her sister for 2 minutes in the confession room.

After that, what Mr. Salman Khan mentioned was almost impossible to believe. He told to the audience that during the first three days of this week, so many disgusting and vulgar abuses were given that it was hard to believe.

He further mentioned that the audience at home was just shown an edited version with a lot of beeps. He said that it was not possible to play any unedited part of the show since it had extremely inappropriate and cheap language.

Salman then talked to housemates and mentioned that a few of them were hitting below the belt. However, he praised the way Manu handled various situations during the last week. Priyanka Jagga was then chosen to sit on the Khalnayak chair and she showed some real arrogant attitude to Salman Khan but he kept his cool for long.

After that, Priyanka blamed Bigg Boss for bringing her back to the show while she did not want to do so. Salman then became really angry and reminded her that she was given an option to do so but she herself decided to return to the show.

When Priyanka still did not cut her tone down, Salman played an unedited version of her filthy language and abuses. Salman then asked her to leave the Bigg Boss house for good and the housemates were extremely happy about this.

To surprise, Salman said that if this lady would ever come to Colors TV ever, he would not work with them.

In tomorrow’s episode, Manish Paul and Sonakshi Sinha would go inside the Bigg Boss house to have some fun with the housemates.


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