Episode 66 – Bani and Gaurav Get a Date inside the Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 66 – First Posted on 22nd December 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss episode, the housemates started fighting with Swami Om on the issue of breakfast. Swami Om wanted to make an omelet of six eggs while the housemates were of the view that the food should be equally distributed among all.

Bigg Boss then announced that yesterday’s luxury budget task “BB Hostel” was being resumed now. However, it was also announced that no love letters would be counted which were written yesterday in fact the housemates must start writing the letters from the very beginning.

Also due to the inappropriate behavior of housemates in the task yesterday, the punishment was given and the captaincy component was removed from the task.

The task then resumed and Manu Punjabi and Priyanka Jagga indulged into a very ugly fight. Priyanka also started yelling at Mona Lisa for no reason and passed some personal comments to her. She became quite upset and that was when Manu lost his cool.

Bigg Boss then announced that the task was being completely rejected completely and the luxury budget task was made zero for the present week.

Bigg Boss also sent a repair and paint box for Swami Om to mend the door which he had damaged yesterday.

After that, Bigg Boss arranged a friendly date for Bani and Gaurav in the activity area of the house. Both of them had some very nice food, danced and spent some quality time.

Later in the day, Priyanka just lost her mind and started talking bad about Manu’s deceased mother. She also threw her mic away and threatened Bigg Boss to open the door of the house for her to exit. Bigg Boss then called her inside the confession room and she started doing drama in there.

In tomorrow’s episode, some very emotional scenes will be witnessed when the family members of some housemates will come to meet them.


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