Episode 55 – Sahil Anand Eliminated from Bigg Boss 10

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 55 – First Posted on 11th December 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss season 10 – 2016 – episode, Salman Khan mentioned that almost of the season has gone by.

He also told to audience that Bigg Boss had given all of the contestants an opportunity to speak their heart out earlier today. Each of them was called inside the confession room and asked about their respective journeys inside the Bigg Boss house.


Salman Khan then mentioned that Manu Punjabi had exited the house earlier this week because of his mother’s demise. Salman expressed condolence for Manu’s family and asked Manu to stay strong.

After that, Salman went inside the house through virtual television and asked about Jason Shah who had gone to visit the hospital because of some acidity problem. Salman Khan then asked Bani to come inside a witness box as she was accused of walking out from every situation.

Bani gave her justification but it was not too convincing. Salman then asked Swami Om to come inside the witness box. Salman got extremely furious at him for what Swami Om had said to Bani regarding her mother.


Swami Om made a fool of himself by giving lame excuses and Salman kept on making him realize his mistake. Salman even said that he did not deserve to be given any kind of respect.

Afterwards, Salman invited Dibang who is a senior journalist and news anchor at ABP news along with season 8 finalist, Karishma Tanna. All three of them analyzed the housemates and the way they were playing the game.


Meanwhile, it was also shown that Mona Lisa and Manveer Gurjar had a huge argument which led to a fight between the two.

After that, Salman Khan straight away announced that Sahil Anand had been eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. Nevertheless, Salman mentioned to the audience that housemates are unaware of the fact that another elimination will take place tomorrow as there was a double eviction this week.

In tomorrow’s episode, Salman Khan will rock the stage with his dance performance. Also, Rohan Mehra’s co star, “Hina Khan” will join Salman on stage.


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