Episode 50 – Swami Om Jee Reenters the Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 50 – First Posted on 6th December 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode, Mona and Manveer were shown remembering Manu. Mona said to Priyanka that she even did not need to make a lot of effort to break their friendship as Manu exited from the show yesterday.


This obviously did not go well with Priyanka and she said to Mona that in fact she herself was new to join this group. After some time, it was shown that Nitibha’s makeup and Bani flour was returned to the house.

The process of nominations then started off and Bigg Boss asked the housemates to give the name of one wildcard entrant for nomination who was least entertaining from the viewpoint of audience.


After some arguments, the housemates decided for Priyanka. Listening to this decision, she got really upset and started a drama and did not even go to living area after Bigg Boss’s announcement. She was then called inside the confession room and asked to behave herself.

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Bigg Boss then called each housemate inside the confession room one by one and asked them to give two names for nominations. Since Gaurav was the captain, he was safe from nominations this week.

After the nominations, Bigg Boss announced that Priyanka, Sahil Anand, Nitibha, Rohan, Lopamudra and Manveer had been nominated for elimination.

After that, Swami Om reentered the house from the confession room. Almost all of the housemates were happy to see him but Priyanka was over the moon.


In tomorrow’s episode, a luxury budget task will be given to housemates whereby the garden will be converted into a busy road and Bani and Manveer will have to drive a fake taxi.

During the task, in addition to quite a few arguments and happenings, Priyanka and Lopamudra will indulge into a huge fight.



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