Episode 49 – Elena Kazan Eliminated from Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 49 – First Posted on 5th December 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss episode, it was shown that Bigg Boss called Swami Om inside the confession room and told him that he was supposed to leave the house immediately.

The reason for this was not told in fact Bigg Boss just mentioned that some unusual happenings have occurred in the outside world.


After that, today’s episode started off with a wonderful dance performance by Ranveer Singh. He was then joined on stage by Vaani Kapoor, who is his co star in the upcoming film.

Salman Khan then told to audience that both of them had gone inside the Bigg Boss house earlier and then those highlights were shown. Ranveer and Vaani gave some daring tasks to various housemates whereby Lopamudra was asked to place all the flour in the store room.

Then, Jason Shah was asked to do pole dance and Sahil Anand and Manu competed in arm wrestling which was won by Sahil. Manveer then had to propose Lopamudra in a gentleman’s style.


Mona Lisa was asked to do a seductive dance for Jason. Nitibha was also put to test when Manu was asked to put all her makeup stuff in the store room.

Both Ranveer and Vaani then had some fun tasks with Salman Khan on stage. They then mentioned that their upcoming movie “Befikre” would be released on December 09, 2016.


Salman then mentioned that Elena Kazan was being eliminated from the show tonight. This meant that Rahul and Jason were safe for at least one more week.

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In tomorrow’s episode, it was shown that Manu will have to leave the house on account of some personal issues in the outside world. Mona and Ranveer were seen extremely upset about this and both of them cried bitterly.


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