Episode 40 – Swami Om Once Again Loses his Control Inside the Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 40 – First Posted on 26th November 2016

In today’s episode, Bigg Boss asked for four names from Rohan whom he thought had underperformed in the BB Gold mine task.


Bigg Boss mentioned that whichever four names will be taken by Rohan Mehra will be punished. However, such housemates would be able to put their viewpoint in front of Rohan however the final decision would lies with Rohan.

After some time, Rohan gave the names of Swami Om, Nitibha, Lopamudra and Mona Lisa. As expected, none of them was happy about this especially Swami Om who started yelling at Rohan for no reason.

In the evening, Bigg Boss mentioned that the four housemates will be treated as Rohan’s puppets and Rohan will decide different types of punishment for them.

Firstly, Rohan asked Swami Om to eat two full slices of butter.


Listening to this, Swami Om became extremely angry and said a lot of nasty things about Rohan. Next, as directed by Bigg Boss, any of the four housemates had to sit on a stretcher until Bigg Boss’s next order.

Rohan yet again called the name of Swami Om who became absolutely furious and lost control over himself.

After that, one of the housemates had to be sent to jail and Rohan called the name of Nitibha.


Later on, Bigg Boss mentioned that no luxury points had been given to the housemates this week because a lot of rules are being broken continuously. Also, Manu and Lopamudra had been unsuccessful in completing their secret task.

Tomorrow, ex Bigg Boss contestants Gautam Gulati and Mandana Karimi would join Salman Khan on stage and will be seen giving their analysis about the housemates.


Additionally, Salman Khan would be seen announcing the biggest twist of the season, that is, the entry of four wildcards into the Bigg Boss house.


  1. Om ji should be immediately removed from big boss
    He us a mannerless guy,which is an insult to the peoples of India ,sadhus ,sanyasis & big boss


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