Episode 38 – Rohan Mehra might Become the Captain of Bigg Boss House Again

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 38 – First Posted on 24th November 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode, Bigg Boss called Lopamudra inside the confession room and told her that he and Manu were being given a secret task.


It was revealed to her that a task will be given to the housemates in which they all will be working for a gold mine owner. Lopa and Manu had to try to steal at least half of the gold and hide it inside the slots of a door near the jail. It was also told that if she and Manu could do this successfully, they both would become contenders for the captaincy.


The task started afterwards and the garden area was converted into a gold mine. According to the task, at least two of the housemates had to continuously work for Rohan and collect as much gold as possible.

Rohan was supposed to put all the collected gold inside a safe placed in the garden area. It was further announced that this task was not just a luxury budget task but if Rohan pulls the task successfully, he will also stay to be the captain for the next week.


Most of the housemates worked hard during the task to collect gold however, commoners were not too eager to make Rohan win.

During the task, a huge fight broke between Nitibha and Swami Om when Swami Om apparently threatened to beat her. She definitely did not like this at all and their fight grew worse.

Even Rohan got involved in the fight as Nitibha thought that he was praising Swami Om for what he had said during the fight, which was just a misunderstanding. Lopamudra then jumped into the fight out of nowhere but things became fine soon.


After working for the whole day, Bigg Boss finally announced that the task for today was finished and tomorrow, it would be resumed. Rohan, protecting his gold slept in the garden area, by the safe. However, Manu and Lopa planned to steal his gold but they were unsuccessful in doing so.

In tomorrow’s episode, Rahul Dev and Swami Om will indulge into a huge fight and Rahul would be seen saying some nasty words to Swami Om.


  1. Superb rohan. Sorry manu . U r a flop. U manveer om swami n lopa planned but u failed. U r never good at task manu. Thr only one thing u know is mske fun of people like an idiot or hug n kiss mona all the time. This all for publicity at the cost of a girl. Thst lady has no idea what she hS done to a own image . Little image she had

  2. Bigboss,please make a wild cart entry for IMAM SIDDIQUE ,saalla….bigboss kha jayega vo….this Tim..no proper cast, IMAM KO Llaaooooooo


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