Episode 35 – Lokesh Kumari Sharma Eliminated from Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 35 – First Posted on 21st November 2016

Today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode started off with a superb dance performance by Salman Khan. After that, Salman again mentioned that a double eviction would take place this week and yet, the housemates are unaware of this twist.


Alia Bhatt then joined Salman Khan on stage who was there to promote her upcoming movie “Dear Zindagi” which would be released on November 25, 2016.

Alia had also gone inside the Bigg Boss house earlier today and Salman then showed the highlights of that.

Alia had some very interesting tasks with housemates and all enjoyed that a lot. She first of all gave a task to four male contestants of the house to impress her using different interesting props such as match box, banana and toilet paper.


She then told that Manu was her favorite contestant and she also played messages sent by Manu and Rohan’s family members, which was quite emotional.

Salman Khan also shared some light moments with Alia on stage and both of them played some fun games. They both danced and sang together, which was really impressive. Salman then played the old game “Thappar se darr lagta hai (I am afraid of the slap)” with housemates.

As usual, some housemates were sent to the activity are turn by turn and they were asked different questions.


Appy Fizz caller of the week asked Gaurav Chopra that why was Bani taking his friendship for granted.

Salman eventually mentioned that Lokesh Kumari Sharma was eliminated today and he then called both Karan and Lokesh on stage.

Salman then announced that this week, nominations will be dealt by the sizzling Sunny Leone. He also mentioned that Sunny will go inside the house to do this.

Sunny Leone was then shown to announce that this week, housemates will be able to get saved from nominations if they make some hot and sensational videos which can become viral in seconds.


  1. Bani is the right contestant . Bold n besutiful. Rahul knows when to take a stand salman. When it comes to commoners they only stand for their group that is mona n manveer. Rahul is right. Why should he fight for mona . Mona n manu were deliberately doing cheP things to tease baba. Sad


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