Episode 34 – Karan Mehra eliminated from Bigg Boss 10

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 34 – First Posted on 20th November 2016

In today’s bigg boss 10 episode, Salman Khan first of all showed some highlights of the last week and mentioned that Rohan was not a captain in the house, rather a dictator.


He then told the audience that this week, there is a big twist and that relates to double eviction. However, he also clearly mentioned that the housemates are unaware of this and he will deliberately keep them unaware.


Salman then showed a funny message sent to him by Swami Om Jee from Bigg Boss house. In this message, Swami Jee requested Salman to not show his dark side today to the housemates lest they would start hating him again.

Salman then asked all the housemates that according to their opinion, who deserved to sit on the Khalnayak chair. Five votes each went to Swami Om and Manveer and as a result, both of them were asked to share the chair.

Salman however mainly focused on Swami Jee for passing bad and nasty comments about Mona Lisa’s character during last week. Salman was extremely upset and rightly so, and said that no one had a right to do character assassination of any female inside the house. Swami Jee gave a few arguments, but all of those were quite lame and appeared to be quite superficial.


After that, Salman invited Mouni Roy to the stage who was there to promote her upcoming film “Tum Bin 2“. She was also accompanied by the director of the film, Anubhav Sinha.

Later on, Salman mentioned straight away that Karan Mehra had been eliminated from the show.

However, all the housemates thought that he would be called back yet Salman did not do so since he had actually been eliminated.


Also, Salman mentioned that another elimination will take place tomorrow but obviously, the housemates do not know about this particular twist.

Alia Bhatt will share the stage tomorrow with Salman to promote her upcoming movie and they will have some fun moments.


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