Episode 11 – Mona Lisa and Swami Om Jee again Sent to Bigg Boss Jail

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 11 – First Posted on 28th October 2016

In today’s bigg boss 10 episode, Mona Lisa was shown sitting with commoners team and it seems as if she is falling for Manu’s love.

It was also shown later on that Manu Punjabi was sharing his struggle in life with other housemates so as to give an impression that he is a true hard worker in life.


Afterwards in the show, Bigg Boss asked both of the teams to give the names of one contestant each from their respective teams regarding whom they thought that he or she had underperformed in the laundry task.

After mutual consultation, celebrities team gave the name of Mona Lisa and commoners team gave the name of Swami Om Jee.

However, this particular decision was not appreciated by neither Mona nor Swami Jee. Both of them reacted to it however, Bigg Boss ordered Manu to send both of them to jail.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss called Navin Prakash inside the confession room and asked him to consult his team and give the names of those two contestants who had performed the best in the previous task.


The team mates gave the names of Lokesh Kumari Sharma and Navin and therefore, Bigg Boss gave them a competition. It was also announced that the winner of this competition would stay safe from elimination next week.

According to this task, each housemate was given some cards of his name and each of them was supposed to hand over these cards to either Lokesh or Naveen. The two had to make a long queue of cards in any area of the house.

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After an hour, the contestant with maximum cards in the standing position would win the competition as well as the immunity. Lokesh was doing so well in the task until Naveen came and drops all of Lokesh’s cards. Lokesh became extremely angry on this and started shouting at Naveen.


In tomorrow’ episode, Naveen was yet again seen teasing Lokesh and doing psychotic things in the house. Quite a few other housemates were also shown to join in the fight.


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