Bigg Boss 11 7th October 2017 Full Episode Written Update – Priyank Sharma thrown out of the Bigg Boss House

Today’s Bigg Boss started off with a bang as Salman Khan was seen awaking from inside the house. Salman then came onto the stage and mentioned that the very first week of the season was extremely happening and full of drama.

Bigg Boss 11 – Episode 6, 7th October 2017

Salman mentioned that as it happens in the real world, the weakest were being bullied by stronger housemates. He also mentioned that quite a few contestants inside the house had double standards.

Salman was extremely furious at Zubair Khan and asked him to shut up. Salman then asked the housemates to take one name whose behavior was most irritating last week and the majority of contestants took the name of Arshi Khan.

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She was therefore asked to sit on the back of a bull. Salman Khan was then furious at Zubair Khan and scolded him extremely badly. He asked him that he already had ruined his image and he stood nowhere. He also asked other housemates not be afraid of anyone since Zubair had threatened various housemates time and again during the last week.

Salman then showed the highlights of the last week mainly fights and arguments among various contestants. Salman also showed last night’s fight between Vikas and Akash in which both of them crossed the limits as Priyank provoked them.

Salman Khan then asked Priyank to leave the Bigg Boss house as he had pushed Akash physically. Salman then scolded Priyank really badly for what he had done and said that he was the one to go till the last episode.

Salman then literally kicked Priyank out of the house to set an example for others.

In tomorrow’s episode, one contestant will be eliminated out of the nominated ones on the basis of votes of the audience. Moreover, the Golmaal 4 gang will also join Salman Khan on stage.


  1. Hi!!! so far the Biggboss 11 is so interesting and housemates are as usual doing full of drama, the host salman khan is doing very good job that’s why he is hit and favourite host and fit in the biggboss show, Vikas is a great evil besides Zubair Khan and Hina Khan also Arshi Khan and friday ka faislah is a new segment that is so interesting and we love to watch Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I hope we’ll see Gautum Gulati soon in the Friday ka faislah, Akash and Shilpa are very entertaining.


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