After Kapil Sharma, Anuskha Sharma in Trouble over House Issue

Baseboard Management Controller has been a real woe to many of the celebrities out there. Few weeks ago, Kapil Sharma had a hard time managing all his house construction stuffs but luckily, his issue got escalated.

Now, it’s time for Anuskha Sharma to face the same trouble and you probably know by now that her construction secretary has filed a complaint to BMC against her illegal construction in Mumbai.

Only because the famous heroine installed an electric junction facility on the passageway of her building in Versova, Sunil Batra, the secretary, has complained against her and this has been a matter of concern for a number of leading dailies. And it doesn’t have to end here. The family has also been accused of going against rules set up in the society. However, a spokesperson clarified that nothing of that sort has happened with the family and the society. He assured that all of Mr. Batra’s accusations are wrong and the Sharma family is never the guilty.

“The actress owns three flats on the 20th floor, and all permissions since 2013 are in place. Anushka and her family are law abiding and responsible citizens and wouldn’t do anything to inconvenience or harm anyone.”

The actual words from the spokesperson suggest that everything is perfect since all the permissions granted in 2013 are valid till date. On the other hand, Mr. Batra said that the civic officials had inspected the flats and found the electric case where it was not supposed to be. This has been the most disagreeable issue for the Sharma family and BMC.

But again, the spokesperson also added that the electric junction facility was set up with due respect to all conditions and that all requirements have been met. Nevertheless, Mr. Batra has requested Anuskha to relocate the ‘trouble box’.

It seems to be a big foul up here so whom do you think we should believe? There’s this secretary accusing the Sharma family of breaking rules in the society and of course, the spokesperson says that nothing has been done without taking permissions from the concerned authority. As of now, the actress is supposed to collect all legal proofs and documents to get rid of this issue.

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