Salman Khan’s Most Interesting Promo for Bigg Boss Season 10

Well, the countdown to the start of India’s most famous reality television show has now begun. It will a matter of only 12 days before the season 10 of Bigg Boss will hit our television screens.


Yes, the long awaited season 10 of the show has been scheduled to launch from October 16, 2016 on Colors television. It is priceless to mention here that Mr. Salman Khan will return to host the show yet again. The buzz regarding the show has reached its maximum and the fact that commoners will also be able to take part in the show for the very first time in the history of the show.

We have seen Salman Khan promoting the Bigg Boss season 10 on various occasions and in different ways. This is perhaps the first time ever that the show has launched 5 odd promos and 4 of them featured Salman Khan.

The response regarding the promos has been phenomenal so far and the audiences, as expected, have fallen in love with Salman yet again. The innocence coupled with cuteness with which Salman has been seen marketing the season 10 has just been adored by people out there.

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We have seen Salman Khan in various promos of season 10 where once he was seen as a wrestler while in another promo, he was wearing the costume of an astronaut. In another promo, he was seen dressed up as Indiana Jones, holding a torch in his hands. However, the most interesting promo of the season 10 is the one where Salman Khan is seen getting on to an auto and talking to the driver.

The driver seems to be really happy and tells Salman that his mother and wife, both have sent their entries for the Bigg Boss show. He further tells that if they are selected, he will be over the moon simply because he will not have to take care of any of their fights at least for three and a half months.



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