Salman Khan’s Advice to Prospective Bigg Boss 10 Contestants

Bigg Boss is a renowned reality television show which has been extremely popular among the audiences especially within the last few years. The new season of the show is expected to kick off from the month of October and Mr. Salman Khan will be yet again seen hosting the show. This will be for the seventh consecutive time that Salman will be hosting the Bigg Boss show.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

We have always seen Salman Khan giving advice to contestants inside the house on various occasions. On one side, we saw Salman giving advice to Gauhar Khan, while on the other side, we witnessed Salman scolding Akashdeep Saigal.

On one side, we saw Salman Khan warning Imam ud din Siddiqui for behaving inside the house while on the other side, we saw Salman praise Karishma Tanna for doing every task with great commitment and dedication.

Now, before the start of season, Mr. Khan has come with quite a few precious pieces of advice for the prospective contestants of the season 10 of the show.

Salman said that Bigg Boss is a kind of show where no strategies actually work in fact, you just need to be honest and true to yourself and the people around you. Salman said that the only way to survive for long inside the house is by being what you actually are in the normal life. He further added that the format of the show is such that no one can keep on fabricating for long and he/she is immediately exposed.

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Salman also added that in the presence of over seventy cameras live 24/7, it is the presence of mind which actually matters, not the strategy. He also mentioned that all the winners and finalists of the previous seasons were the ones who played by being who they were and did not fabricate anything.

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