Salman Khan Reveals the Selection Criteria for Commoners

While all of us very well know that Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss Season 10 is just round the corner, quite a few speculations are already being made regarding the show. On one side, a few names have been revealed who will most probably be taking part in the show while on the other side, the launching date of the show is yet to be announced by the channel.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

We are well aware that Bigg Boss is a kind of reality television show which is full of drama, entertainment, twists and turns. This time around, we also already know that in addition to the celebrity contestants, common individuals will also be there to participate in the show.

Just recently, we witnessed the most recent promo of the show which actually revealed something interesting. However, at the same time, the promo also raised a few questions about the format of the upcoming season of the famous reality television show.

In the latest promo, Salman Khan is seeing saying to the security guard of the house that common public will be coming to the show too but he also reveals the criteria for the selection.

Salman uses the word “Vichitra” which means strange or bizarre. Now this clearly leads us to believe that the common men who will be coming to the show will be the ones who have something different in them.

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Well, having said that, this would even further make the things interesting as we might get to see an altogether different taste in the forthcoming season of the show. Now only time will tell what exactly this statement by Salman Khan in the promo means but what we are certain about, is the fact that this time, the show is going to be even more interesting and full of entertainment.

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