Salman Khan Shoots for Bigg Boss Season 10 Promo

It is only about a couple of months before the renowned reality television show will hit our television screens with all of its excitement. The news reports now tell us that Salman Khan has just shot a promo for the show which will be seen on air very shortly.

bigg boss 10-salman khan with logo
Salman Khan

Earlier, two promos related to the season 10 of the show have been released but neither of them featured Salman Khan. HERE IS THE LATEST PROMO FEATURING SALMAN KHAN.

Here are those promots without Salman Khan:
Bigg Boss 10 Promo 1 – Not feature any celebrities
Bigg Boss 10 Promo 2 Released

That perhaps had to do with the policy of the producers or channel to not launch Salman Khan in the initial few promos of the show.

Salman Khan – Season 10 Promo

The reports though also reveal that Salman Khan is stressed regarding hosting the show this time. Earlier on, Salman also mentioned about his stress in a press conference while he was promoting one of his films. The sources again tell us that while shooting for the promo of the show, Salman was yet again seen quite stressed. The possible reason behind his stress is that the format of the show has been completely changed this time around and Mr. Salman Khan is definitely not used to it.

Another reason is that since common people will also take part in the show, Salman might have to change his hosting style a little bit. We have seen him being witty, happy, sad, and even quite angry sometimes while he is interacting with the contestants. Now whether or not such style will work in the new format of the show is still a question mark and probably, this is one of the reasons why Mr. Salman Khan is quite stressed out about season 10 of the show.

The final list of Bigg Boss season 10 contestants is still not public and we are waiting anxiously to know the names of all those who will be taking part in the show.


  1. Comment:i was submit my video with in 31st march . but i am not get any mail from bigboss. i also involve with bengali flim why i am not get any chance in bigboss…..

  2. I have submitted my video but. I did get any mail or call from biggboss. My video was the best, so i think biggboss has make us fool, by saying that we r giving chance to common man, but they r giving chance with approach(sifarish),
    Biggboss making common man fool,

  3. audison main bhai main select ho gya jo delhi main de kr aya tha ab 5 din main wo call kre gye aur btaiye gye kal call ayi thi unki 16 ko main audison de kr aya tha


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