Bigg Boss 10 Promo 2 Released

Well, the famous reality show “Bigg Boss” has risen to new heights of fame especially during the last 5 years or so. Who would have thought that this particular show will be at the top of the ranking charts by far in such a short duration of time? Having said that, this show has also been controversial in some ways but interestingly, that has in fact added to the fame and glory of the show.

In addition, the participation of Mr. Dabangg Khan in the show as a host has added a lot to it and people have gone crazy about the show.

Bigg Boss 10 Promo 2

After the completion of nine successful seasons of the show, it is now time for the season 10 which will be on air later in the year. In this regard, the producers have already launched the first promo of the season 10 which got excellent response from the audience.

bigg boss 10 host - salman khan

Now, just lately, the second promo of the Bigg Boss Season 10 has also been released for the audience with the underlying theme that if you are a bit clever, you will surely end up reserving a spot inside the house for yourself.

Bigg Boss 10 Promo 1 – Not feature any celebrities
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The bigg boss 10 promo 2 has gone absolutely viral on the internet and virtually everyone is talking about it. The channel yet again reminds you through the promo that in order to be a part of the season 10 of the show, you just need to be entertaining and that is all. You just need to send a short video about yourself and if they like it, you will be shortlisted and will be considered for final selection.

Bigg Boss 10 - Promo 2
Bigg Boss 10 – Promo 2

For more information regarding the whole registration process, you can also watch the promos of the show.


  1. Hi, My Name is AZIM MOHAMMAD,
    i’`m from :- BAIHAR/BALAGHAT(M.P.)
    Hume AgaR BiggBoss Ke Ghar Me Rehne Ka Ek Mouka Mil toh Hum PuRe Ghar Walo Ko HiLaA kar Rakh Denge Apni Comady Se Ya Apne KhatarNak Gusse Se, Because,
    i’m Bad MAN, and
    i’m Crezy Boy

  2. Hi i m Lucknow city of nawabs my frndz call me sanju is my nick name sanju baby not sanju baba well okie now i would like to start why i wanna to be in the show season 10 bcoz i m confident not over confident hard working naughty always laugh n make other people to laugh passionate sometime angry jabhi mere ko galat baat mein gussa aata hai toh mere gusse ko control karne ke liye mein thoda time alone rehna n swimming pool mein rehna like karti hoon respect tabhi tak karti hoon jab tak saamne wala pyar se mere saath tackle karta hai mere ko ek keeda n peeda hai mein India mein jidhar bhi gayi hoon maine apne hands ka kamaal dikhaya hai ek kashmiri driver ko police station mein n dusre driver ko leh ladakh mein toh yeah keeda n peeda is season 10 show mein sabhi pe bhari padega meri hobbies activities interests hai travel museum jaana bird watchin cooking reading books make frndz yoga meditation playing games indoor outdoor games pool khelna camping hiking paradiving under water diving scuba diving chatting net surfing watchin serial’s horror movie i like my nature is since childhood wen i was 6 month old my dad is not more after tat our mom is takng very much gud care of me n my brother i m a dvrce but i m as happy as alwayz my nature is fun loving sweet loving caring n i think tat all the chosen one contestants participants in the big boss house i m more experience contestant n i m the elder one in this house now i wanna share i was in mumbai there is some accident happen to me i had a bullet shot in my head i was in a hospital 1 nd a half month behind amitabh bachchan ji bungalow arogya nidhi hospital n now i m perfectly fit n fne well tatz my shockin real life story n i would like to tel u about my mom n her struggle in her life she is diabetic asthmatic n stone in her gall bladder but we don’t hav any regrets n we all r happy in our life but still we r facng prblm if i wanna to be in the show then itz my wish tat i would like to do something for the old age home people orphanage children but first of all i would like to do something for my famly after tat if i win the show i wll do tat for the people n children bcoz apne aap ke liye toh sabhi karte hai mein dusre ke liye bhi karna chahati hoon mere ko baat karne ka bada keeda hai vaise mein thoda is matter mein selfish bhi hoon ki mere ko salman Khan se milne ka chance golden opportunity milega n jaise vo sabhi ke liye karte hai mere liye bhi shayad kuch help kare n mein apna secret public audience se salman Khan ke saamne in front of face to face kehna chahati hoon toh abhi toh maine mere baare mein kaafi kuch bol diya hai baaki ki baat select n big boss ke ghar mein n one more thing last season mein rishabh n priya ki frndship hui thi toh letz see ki is season mein mere ko bhi koi frnd mil jaye toh hum bhi game plan task ho ya kuch bhi incident ho strategy dil n mind se khele n apna best performance de is show mein n winner bane is season 10 mein thankz n i would like to thankz Mr raj nayak ceo of colors big boss n salman Khan wait for ur call n message


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