Pammi Aunty Might be Seen Inside the Bigg Boss House

Well, the most famous reality television show “Bigg Boss” is fast approaching and we all have our fingers crossed. Remember that not many celebrity names have been officially confirmed to take part in the season 10 of the show.

Ssumier Pasricha
Ssumier Pasricha

While as this leaves some real suspense and excitement among the audiences in general, it is also now a kind of frustration. This is because only a handful of days remain before the show kicks off officially and yet the audiences have no one to look up to. In this regard, quite a few names have come up as potential participants of the season 10 of the show.

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Ssumier Pasricha is one similar name which has just come up as a probable celebrity contestants to take part in the show. Ssumier Pasricha who is also commonly known as “Pammi Aunty” is an Indian actor, writer and comedian. He has made an appearance in quite a few national as well as international movies, dramas and shows.

He rose to fame mainly because of his viral videos on social media, in which he generally portrays himself as Pammi Aunty. Another reason for his fame was his strong resemblance to “King Khan, Mr. Shahrukh Khan”.

Pammi Aunty is actually a very lively and chirpy character who is actually a Punjabi woman and happens to be a strong personality. Pammi Aunty gives her own viewpoint loud and clear regarding every happening in everyday life.

Well, now it will be interesting to see if Ssumier Pasricha himself or in the role of Pammi Aunty would enter inside the Bigg Boss house. Whatever the case maybe, if the actor is confirmed to take part in the show, it will be extremely interesting as such a show definitely suits this type of personality.


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