Pakistan might Ban Bigg Boss Season 10

As we all very well know by now that Bigg Boss 10 will be hitting the television screens from October 16, 2016. The buzz regarding the show has been great not just within India but also all across the globe wherever the Bigg Boss fans are present.

After India and UAE, a relatively huge number of Bigg Boss fans exist in the neighboring country, Pakistan. Since the season 4 of the famous reality television show, one of the private channels in Pakistan has been purchasing the rights of the show every year and broadcasting for its viewers in Pakistan.


Just like every year, the channel has also bought the rights however the growing tension across the two borders might affect the start of the show in Pakistan. Yes, we very recently witnessed that Pakistani actors, who were working in Bollywood just got banned by Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association.

As a result of this, Pakistani theaters also decided not to release Indian films in Pakistan until the things become clean and clear again between the two countries. Just now, we also witnessed a huge number of Pakistani viewers who demanded on social media that Bigg Boss season 10 should be banned in Pakistan owing to the growing tension between the two countries.

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There has yet not been any official statement by the channel in this regard but as we know from past instances, this could turn into something serious. If the political unrest continues between the two countries, the channel will definitely have ban the show which will mean that a huge proportion of Bigg Boss fans will not be able to view the season 10 of the show.

Well, whatever the scenario will be, this will definitely neither be good for the viewers in Pakistan nor for the show in India, as they will lose a considerable viewership.


  1. abe **** bigboss tera show hi band ker de… kitnaa locha hai saalaa…….. apne sallu bhai ki b waat lagi padi hai….


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