Episode 91 – Mona Lisa and Rohan Nominated for Elimination

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 91 – First Posted on 17th January 2016

Today’s Bigg Boss Season 10 episode was quite emotional as Bigg Boss gave the housemates a task which was called “Postman“.

According to this task, Manveer and Rohan were made the supervisors while different housemates were given some parcels which had come from other housemates’ family members.

Mona Lisa was given Manu’s parcel while Bani was given Lopamudra’s parcel. Lopa was given Mona’s parcel while Manu was given Bani’s parcel. The twist was that if the housemate accepted the parcel, his/her opposing contestant would get nominated. On the other hand, if the parcel was denied, it was to be burnt in a container but the contestant had to reveal later on that what it contained.

First buzzer rang and Mona Lisa sacrificed and gave Manu his parcel nominating herself. Manu tried to convince a lot to her but she did not agree and nominated herself. After the second buzzer, Bani burnt Lopa’s parcel which was actually a letter from her sister. Once it was burnt, Lopa went to the container and tried to collect the burnt pieces of paper to read the letter.

However, Bigg Boss condemned this act as it was against the laws of the game and also it was not safe to do so. Bigg Boss even called Manveer and Rohan inside the confession room and scolded them for letting this happen.

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Manu then burnt Bani’s parcel and Lopamudra burnt Mona’s which was actually a gift from her boyfriend. Those were cute, little red hearts which stated that we are together forever.

Seeing this, Mona Lisa cried a lot but it was obviously the part of the task. Bigg Boss then announced that Mona and Rohan had been nominated for elimination.

In tomorrow’s episode, Mona’s boyfriend would come inside the Bigg Boss house to propose her to which she will agree.



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