Episode 89 – Nitibha Kaul Eliminated from Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 89 – First Posted on 15th January 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss episode, Salman Khan firstly analyzed the week and then mentioned that whatever had happened yesterday had some aftereffects.

He then showed that Manu and Manveer were talking about Lopamudra that how she had Bani hit below the belt. Salman then mentioned that the nominations from the last week were being carried out this week and except Manu and Manveer, all of the housemates had been nominated.

He then asked housemates that who deserved to sit on Khalnayak chair this week. The majority of housemates took the name of Lopamudra and therefore, she was made to sit on that chair.

Salman Khan first of all took Bani’s class and made her understand politely that she had been wrong in that whole incident yesterday. Quite surprisingly, Salman also took Manu’s class and rightly so, pointing out that he had been backbiting about a lot of housemates.

Later on, Salman mentioned that Bani and Lopamudra had been safe from elimination this week. Next, Salman announced that Rohan was also safe this week. He then asked all the housemates that who deserved to stay in the house?

Almost all the housemates unanimously said that Nitibha was more deserving compared to Mona Lisa.

Nevertheless, Salman announced that Mona Lisa had also been safe from elimination while Nitibha was being eliminated today.

Bigg Boss then announced that season 10 was the very first of its kind since the commoners were introduced for the very first time in the history of the show. It was then announced that there was going to be an online poll right now regarding who is expected to win the show.

However, only one of the housemates would be able to know the opinion of the audience. In this regard, Bigg Boss asked each housemate about the names of those two housemates whom they thought would be in top two.

The name which came from the majority of housemates was Manu Punjabi. The results of the live poll showed that 55% viewers considered Manu as one of the top two finalists.

In tomorrow’s episode, Govinda will join Salman Khan to have some great fun and entertainment. Next weekend, King Khan Shahrukh Khan will also come to the Bigg Boss show.


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