Episode 81 – Swami Om Crosses All the Limits

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 81 – First Posted on 6th January 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss episode, Bigg Boss announced that there would be a captaincy task between Swami Om and Bani.

Manveer was made the judge for the task in which there were two pyramids on two tables in a circle, one for Bani and other for Swami Om.

The contestants had to throw balls to break the pyramids which so ever pyramid they wanted to break. Bani and Swami Om had to set the blocks and in the end, the contestant whose blocks would be set in a proper order would win it.

The task started and most of the housemates were in favor of Bani.

When Swami Om realized that he was losing the task, he did the most unethical and cheap thing by throwing urine onto Bani and Rohan.

As a result of that, both of them got furious and other housemates pushed Swami Om inside the jail.

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Even after doing such an ugly and cheap thing, Swami Om was not feeling guilty at all. Bigg Boss called Manveer inside the confession room and asked him to keep Swami Om inside the jail and not to talk to him.

All the housemates indulged into small arguments and fights following this unfortunate incident as literally everyone blamed each other for this incident.

Bigg Boss then asked all the housemates to gather in the living area and it was there, when today’s episode ended.

In tomorrow’s episode, it was seen that Bigg Boss would condemn the act of Swami Om in very clear words. Most probably, Swami Om would be kicked out of the Bigg Boss show just like Priyanka Jagga.



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