Episode 68 – Manveer meets his Father after 8 Long Years

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 68 – First Posted on 24th December 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss episode, it was shown that the remaining battery from yesterday’s task was 16%.

After that, Bigg Boss sent a letter stating that the battery could be recharged to 86% if Manu or Swami Om would start running a hamster wheel placed in the garden area. One of them was supposed to run it continuously without stopping till the battery would become 86%.

Manu started doing the hamster wheel and after some time, the battery became 86%. However, firstly Swami Om and then Priyanka talked without wearing their own mics due to which 6% battery was deducted.

Manveer was then called inside the activity area where he was given a chance to meet his father. He chose to meet his father for 10 minutes by consuming 48% battery.

Manveer’s father came inside the Bigg Boss house and a wave of emotions was seen when Manveer hugged his father after 8 long years. Manveer’s father was also quite emotional and gave some advice to his son regarding how he was playing.

Next, Nitibha was called inside the activity area to be given an option to meet her mother. She though chose to be with her mother for only 2 minutes as a result of which the battery got down to only 6%.

After that, Bani went inside the activity area only to find that she could not be given any options since the battery was 6%. She was though told that her best friend “Gauhar Khan” had come to meet her.

Bani was told by Bigg Boss that this was the very last chance for the battery to be recharged for herself as well as Lopamudra. However to charge the battery, Manu and Swami Om must nominate themselves for next week. If one of them would agree to do so, the battery would be charged to 53%.

When the episode ended, Swami Om and Manu were still discussing if they should nominate themselves or not.

In tomorrow’s episode, Salman Khan will be seen in the most angry and emotional state of mind when he will throw Priyanka Jagga out of the Bigg Boss house.


  1. Hello Big Boss Kindly don’t Make your show A cheap one, from last 9 years we are watching your show but this time we really don’t understand why you have bring in commoner’s. Please from next year either you bring in celebrity or commoner’s, kindly don’t mix them. This year your show has become disgusting. Everyday only cheap fight or slang language. Don’t disappoint your viewers. Thank You.


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