Episode 67 – Mona Lisa Finally Meets her Boyfriend inside the House

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 67 – First Posted on 23rd December 2016

In today’s bigg boss season 10 episode, Priyanka and Lopamudra had a big fight early in the morning when Priyanka denied to work.

Priyanka was apparently not well but still she hit Lopamudra below the belt by passing some extremely bad personal comments to her. Swami Om as usual took Priyanka’s side and Manu Punjabi was extremely furious at him.

Bigg Boss then announced that it was the very last warning for Priyanka and she must improve her behavior. Bigg Boss then called Priyanka inside the confession room and made her understand the situation.

Bigg Boss afterwards gave a task to the housemates whereby they could meet their family members or read letters sent by them.

According to this task, Swami Om and Manu Punjabi were made the batteries which were to consume after every housemate would choose a certain option out of the available ones. The batteries were not supposed to go down to zero anytime and these could also be charged.

The task started and Priyanka was given the very first opportunity to meet her kids. She chose to meet them for 10 minutes by consuming 60% battery.

After that, Gaurav chose the option to meet his brother in person for 2 minutes by consuming 27% battery. Next, Mona Lisa was given a chance to meet her boyfriend “Vikranth” by consuming 53% battery which was practically not possible because the battery was only 13% at that time.

Bigg Boss then allowed to recharge the battery if Swami Om and Manu agreed to not use any luxury budget items for the rest of the season, which they agreed to. Mona then chose to meet her boyfriend for 10 minutes and he came inside the house, extremely angry at Manu for trying to destroy their relationship.

Once Vikranth exited the Bigg Boss house, a new argument started between Mona and Manu as Manu was not at all convinced regarding what Vikranth had said. Next, Rohan Mehra was given an option to meet his brother “Siddharth” by consuming 25% battery.

In tomorrow’s episode, the task would continue and some extreme emotion would come into play when Manveer’s father would come inside the house.


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