Episode 60 – Lopamudra Becomes the New Captain of the House

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 60 – First Posted on 16th December 2016

Today’s episode started off with Swami Om stealing some fruits from the kitchen and placing them in the bathroom of jail.

After that in the morning, he started doing drama that he was about to die soon. He started even crying in front of the camera to gain cheap sympathy from audience.

Bani was then seen still upset about Gaurav’s attitude towards herself. After that, Rohan and Rahul Dev were seen convincing Gaurav that he should give Bani a chance.

Later on, Bigg Boss announced that all the decisions which were made during the task yesterday were ineffective and all the housemates performed really well. However, it was also announced that since Swami Om and Rahul did not abide by the rules of the task, the housemates got 0 luxury budget points this week.


Gaurav put a sorry note on the back of his jacket for Bani and started roaming around in the house. However, Bani did not seem to be convinced at all initially and said that he did not actually mean to be sorry.

Bigg Boss then gave the captaincy task to Bani, Lopamudra Raut and Manveer.


According to the task, all three of these were to hold a captaincy ring for as long as possible. Other housemates could distract them within the rules of the house and Mona Lisa was supposed to judge the task. The task started and all three of them played quite well initially.


After three hours, Bani’s hand slipped and her hand got badly hurt so much that she even had to get bandage from the doctor. She was obviously quite upset and angry about it and meanwhile, she started talking normally to Gaurav again.

The task continued for about 12 hours and early in the morning, Lopamudra won it when Manveer just fell asleep a little.


In tomorrow’s episode, a huge fight will take place between Lopamudra and Priyanka when Lopa will punish her as the captain of the house.


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