Episode 54 – Season’s Biggest Fight Takes Place between Bani and Swami Om

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 54 – First Posted on 10th December 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss episode, Bigg Boss announced that Swami Om and Lopamudra’s punishment in the jail was over, so both of them were freed.

Bigg Boss then mentioned that Priyanka was one of the contenders for captaincy task while the second contender would be from the three winners of yesterday’s task namely Gaurav, Nitibha and Lopamudra.


Bigg Boss asked the housemates to give the name of one of these three after mutual agreement based on the performance in the task. After some arguments, they took the name of Gaurav.

Bigg Boss then announced that the captaincy task will take place between Priyanka and Gaurav. Both of them were supposed to hang in air with the help of harness and rope. Each of them was to choose  four supporters each who will pull the rope so as to prevent the captaincy contender from touching the feet to the water tank underneath.

An alarm would ring after subsequent intervals and one supporter may choose to leave the rope by giving a reason.

Gaurav’s supporters included Rahul, Rohan, Lopamudra and Mona Lisa while Priyanka’s supporters consisted of Sahil, Bani, Nitibha and Swami Om.


The task started and Bani left the rope soon stating that her shoulder was injured. She then tried to influence Sahil to leave the rope too and in the process, she had a huge argument with Swami Om who said some nasty things about her parents.

At the end of the task, Priyanka won and became the captain of the house but Bani was extremely furious and upset.


Bani broke down completely and even started banging the main door of the house in frustration.


Late at night, Sana Khan, Gurmeet Choudhary and Sharman Joshi visited the house to promote their upcoming film called “Wajah Tum Ho” which would be released on December 16, 2016.


  1. That was very very sad. Bani’s mother is a cancer patient n has really fought cancer 3 times. Very insensitive and not acceptable at all.love u bani


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