Episode 52 – Priyanka Jagga Becomes a Contender for Captaincy

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 52 – First Posted on 8th December 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss episode, yesterday’s task was resumed and initially, Priyanka and Rohan had some argument regarding the task.

After that, Gaurav and Lopamudra Raut had an argument as they have still not been able to mend their friendship. After that, Gaurav was seen talking to Jason about his friendship issues with Bani.


Later on in the day, Bani left the task mentioning the she was heartbroken and did not want to continue the task.

As the task continued, Priyanka found all the points which were hidden by Lopamudra in the bathroom. As a result, Lopamudra was quite upset as this meant that she had already lost the task.


Priyanka ordered Lopamudra to go to jail but she denied and as a result, a fight broke between the two. After that, Rahul came to Lopamudra and offered her his money.

Nevertheless, Priyanka said that she could not take that money as it was against the rules of the task. Lopamudra became quite upset and started crying.


Bigg Boss then announced that the luxury budget task was finished. Bigg Boss then asked Priyanka, Bani and Manveer that how much money they had got. Bani had 1560 points, Manveer had 20 while Priyanka had 5860 points.

It was then announced that according to the rules of the task, Priyanka was the first contender for captaincy. Bigg Boss then asked all the other housemates that how much money they had got.

Nitibha, Gaurav and Lopamudra each had 2000 points, so Bigg Boss mentioned that one of these three will become the second contender for captaincy.

In tomorrow’s Bigg Boss episode, a press conference will take place inside the Bigg Boss house. Various journalists will be seen asking some tricky questions to the housemates. Bani will be seen very upset and angry on one of the questions and will even leave the press conference.


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