Episode 45 – New Captaincy Task given to Housemates

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 45 – First Posted on 1st December 2016

Today’s Bigg Boss episode started off with some not so good news for the contestants as they realized that there was no water inside the house.

Also, they came to know that the gas stoves were not working. The contestants were then given a new task whereby the four nominated contestants (Bani, Jason, Elena and Rahul) were supposed to cycle all the day so as to keep water and gas functional.


While the task continued, a new task for captaincy was announced in which each contestant had a test tube which was full of colored water, representing the name of another contestant.

As the alarm would ring, test tube of any one of the contestants was supposed to be emptied. Mona had Gaurav’s test tube water, Manveer had Sahil’s, Manu had Nitibha’s, Gaurav had Manu’s, Swami Om had Manveer’s, Lopamudra had Mona Lisa’s while Nitibha had Lopamudra’s. Rohan could not take part in the task as he had punished yesterday by Bigg Boss.


The first alarm rang and Manu emptied Sahil’s test tube mentioning that he was quite new in the house and would need time to adjust. After the second alarm rang, Manveer emptied Nitibha’s test tube.

In the middle of the night, Bigg Boss suddenly rang alarms to wake everyone up as the nominated contestants had stopped cycling.


In tomorrow’s episode, Gaurav would be seen saying to others that either Manu or himself should become the captain. After that, a huge argument would take place among Manu, Manveer and Mona.

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It was also shown that Mona would even cry bitterly mentioning that she wants to go home and does not want to stay inside the Bigg Boss house anymore.


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