Episode 43 – Priyanka, Gaurav, Nitibha and Sahil Win the First Face Off Task

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 43 – First Posted on 29th November 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss episode, Bigg Boss asked all four of the wildcard entries to pick a housemate for a face off task.


Jason Shah chose Gaurav, Nitibha picked by Elena Kazan, Sahil went against Rahul while Priyanka targeted Bani.

The name of the task was “The Dome” whereby the contestants were locked in a dome in pairs. The target was to sit in there for as long as possible and the contestant who would leave the dome first will lose.


The task started and after some time, Rahul Dev gave up and lost the task, thus the obvious winner of the task was Sahil Anand.

After that, Jason came out of the dome since he was not able to control anymore his urge for urination, thereby making Gaurav the winner.


Next, Elena also gave up and hence Nitibha won the task. After that, Priyanka and Bani kept on fighting for a win however, after a few hours, Bani gave up mentioning that she was giving up on the task on a happy and friendly note.

In today’s episode, it was also shown that Manu was playing a double game. He went to Priyanka and instigated her against the celebrity contestants.

Priyanka advised her to stay away from the apparent trap of Mona however Manu later on went to Mona and told her everything what Priyanka had said about her.


Bigg Boss eventually asked the four losing contestants, that is, Rahul, Jason, Elena and Bani to pack their bags up.

In tomorrow’s episode, a huge fight will take place among the housemates as Manu and Manveer will blame Swami Om for stealing the stuff of housemates.


  1. Big boss whatever twist u r trying to get is not going to change the peoples perception of some stupid characters in the house. We r happy seeing bani gaurav n rahul. There is lot to come from rhem n we r really enjoying seeing them.


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