Episode 36 – Sunny Leone gets to decide Nominations for this Week

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 36 – First Posted on 22nd November 2016

Today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode was free of fights which was quite relieving. Just a small argument took place between Swami Om Jee and Manveer but it was not serious at all.


Since it was the first day of sixth week, so it had to nominations special. However, today’s nominations were very special and different as opposed to the conventional methods. It was announced that this week’s nominations will be decided by a task named as “Viral Video War“. A

ccording to this task, the housemates were divided into two teams. First team was captained by Lopamudra and it consisted of Lopa, Manu, Swami Om, Rohan and Mona. Second team, captained by Bani comprised of Bani, Manveer, Rahul, Nitibha and Gaurav.


It was further announced that the losing team will be nominated for elimination while the winning team will be safe. However, being the captain, Rohan, irrespective of his team’s fate will stay safe from nomination. The task was about recording some videos in the activity area with the given set up and the videos had to be sensational and sizzling.

It was further mentioned that the hot diva of Bollywood, Sunny Leone will get to decide the winning and the losing team. After that, Sunny’s video message was played on plasma television, mentioning the same.


The task started and a village  based situation was given to the teams. After the first recorded video, team Bani got 1 point while team Lopa got 0. Next, a bar tender set up was given in which Lopamudra’s team won 1 point while team Bani got 0.

At the end of the day, both the teams were at 1 all while the task would be continued tomorrow.

It was shown that tomorrow some very sizzling performances will be given including Bani and Gaurav’s bath tub dance performance. Even Swami Om will get into action with Lopamudra and Mona Lisa.


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