Episode 31 – Team Rohan Wins the Luxury Budget Task

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 31 – First Posted on 17th November 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode, Manveer refused to wear the mic and even refused to go inside the confession room when Bigg Boss asked him to.


However, Mona talked to him and when he went inside the confession room, Bigg Boss handled everything perfectly and made him really calm and composed. After that, the next competition within the main luxury budge task was announced.


According to this, one contestant from each team had to drink a jug full of bitter gourd juice. Gaurav and Lopamudra competed against each other and Lopamudra won the competition.

Later on, Swami Om got into a huge argument with Nitibha and pissed with his team, Swami Om said a lot of nasty things about Mona’s character, which was not too good. Bigg Boss later on announced at the end of the task that team Rohan had won the luxury budget task.


However, Bigg Boss praised the overall performance of all the housemates during the task. After that, Bigg Boss asked the housemates to give the names of those two contestants whose performance was worst during the task. After some discussion, all of them agreed on the names of Swami Om and Nitibha.

Bigg Boss then announced that a special dinner was being sent to housemates for their excellent performance in the task. However, as part of their punishment, Swami Om and Nitibha will neither be able to have that special dinner nor would they use any luxury budget items.

In tomorrow’s Bigg Boss episode, captaincy tournament will be played by four contestants. Lopamudra and Karan will compete against each other while Rahul and Rohan will be the opponents. Also, Bani and Lopamudra will continue their fights and arguments inside the house.


  1. I feel celebrities are treated with too much of privileges specially Rohan Bani(mad), Rahul and Karan. Really Bigg boss seems unfair very unfair. I hope its not scripted


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