Episode 30 – Rohan and Manveer get into an Ugly Fight

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 30 – First Posted on 16th November 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode, the housemates were confiscated of their basic rights by Bigg Boss. When they wake up in the morning, the was rooms were locked and all the food items were taken away from the kitchen.


Bigg Boss sent a letter stating that Bigg Boss house was being closed for the task and the personal stuff of all the housemates was being taken as well.

According to the task, a container was placed in the garden area, full of personal stuff and food items. Two teams were made and team A consisted of Rohan Mehra, Karan Ajay Mehra, Lokesh, Lopamudra Raut, Rahul Dev and VJ Bani. Team B consisted of Antara Biswas [Mona Lisa], Manoj Punjabi [Manu Punjabi], Manveer Gurjar, Nitibha Kaul, Sadachari Saibaba Swami Om Ji and Gaurav Chopra.

It was mentioned that gong will be played from time to time and at that point, each team would be able to pick four items of their choice and every item would give one point. The team which will have maximum points will lose the task. It was also announced that all the housemates must only use the bathroom in the jail and will even sleep in the garden area during night.

Swami Om was not comfortable with his team and he unofficially started supporting the other team which really disturbed Manu and Manveer.


Also, during this main luxury budget task, Bigg Boss also announced to give some small tasks which would enable the teams to subtract 12 points. In first small task, one contestant from each team had to each 25 sweets. Rahul ate all 25 sweets and Manu threw his sweets away in despair. The task eventually went undecided and none of the teams got the points.

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Later on, Mona went to Rohan and they started off an argument. Manveer unnecessarily poked his nose in between and a huge and very intense fight took place between the two. Manveer even got physical and said a lot of nasty things about Rohan.


The fight grew so worse that Bigg Boss had to intervene in between and called both of them inside the confession room. Manveer got really upset once he came out of the confession room and he even refused to wear the mic.

In tomorrow’s episode, the task would continue and some more fights will take place among various housemates.


  1. I think manveer n mano r disgraceful among with mona bhenji. She is too cheap to remain in this game. Rahul well done. Live the way the celebrities r conducting themselves. They r constantly abusing om swami which is again not entertaining big boss.vhurting someone sentiments not called for. They r too too irritating. I dont see any entertainmwnt. Only bitching n sitting in one corner with there 3 some group.

  2. Manveer is playing well than Rohan the celebrity. even I realised that the celebrity like Rohan is much stupid than commoners. its kind request to Salman sir, please teach them all what is the mean of celebrity. Rohan is the Apple of discord.
    Carry on Manveer…….U are rocking

  3. The task of eating the sweet..(.between Rahul and Manu was not fare)Mona was very partial cause obviously wanted her sweet heart to win.Rahul Dev did a good job and is rightfully the winner. It should not have been undecided.Wrong decision.

  4. I think because salman khan takes very thing of swami omm funnily. Swami is also thing that he is been appreciated by other. I think salam should tell him to not to say any of his *** parampara of living its 21 century and we know every thing swami should not teach any thing to other member of bigg boss house.

    And salan plezz scold swami for his behavior and not just keep in saying you r good… U r giving him fredom of saying any thing by taking every thing funny…


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