Episode 28 – Navin Prakash Eliminated from Bigg Boss 10

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 28 – First Posted on 14th November 2016

Today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode started off with a superb dance performance by Salman Khan, followed by entry of Himesh Reshammiya.


He was there for the promotion of his upcoming movie album called “Aap se Mosiqui” and mentioned that he had already received around 5 million hits in 5 days. Both Salman and Himesh then sang a song and Salman then told that Himesh had also gone inside the house yesterday. After that, a few highlights were shown where Himesh was seen chilling out with housemates.

Salman then asked the housemates to go to activity area and have a wrestling match. The first match was between Gaurav Chopra and Manveer Gurjar and the second was between VJ Bani and Lopa.


Salman made Navin judge for the task and told him that whosoever would go out of the yellow line, will lose the match. Also, the loser will become the servant of the winner for the next 24 hours. In the first match, Manveer beat Gaurav while in the second match, quite surprisingly, Lopa beat Bani.

Afterwards, Salman called Tanisha and Andy on the stage who were contestants in the season 7 of the show. Both of them gave their deep analysis about the show and various contestants.


Later in the show, Salman announced that Navin had been eliminated from the show and he was asked to leave the house. After his departure from the show, all the commoners were seen crying bitterly.

In tomorrow’s episode, it was shown that Bigg Boss would ask the housemates to nominate four contestants after mutual consultation with each other.

This would give rise to intense fights among various housemates and also, Mona would be seen yelling at Swami Om Ji. On the other hand, yet another fight would take place between Lopa and Bani.


  1. I want to now ki india walo ki salary only 20,000 aur dusre contestants ki tho lakho me h aysaaaa kyu woh bhi india wale bigg boss ke ghar me same takss kaare h fhir bhi aur har weeek india wala hi jaara h


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