Episode 25 – Bani becomes the First Captain of the Season

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 25 – First Posted on 11th November 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode, it was shown that Manu Punjabi was being quite critical of celebrity housemates.

He was of the view that basically, none of them was up to anything and they were just passing time inside the house yet they would reach the finale.


After that, Bigg Boss announced that since there is no commoner or celebrity inside the house, so it is time to choose the very first captain of the season.

For this, three contestants would be nominated for captaincy and these three will be the ones, who would rush to the confession room and give their own names.

After the announcement, almost all of the housemates tried to run towards the confession room. However, Bani, Swami Om Ji and Manu were the first three contestants to go inside the confession room and thus, they were given a chance to become the captain of the house.


To decide the captain, Bigg Boss gave a task “Siyasat (politics)” to the three contenders. According to this task, each of them had to try to gain maximum votes from the housemates and for this, they were required to convince others.

When Bigg Boss officially announced the end of task, Bani had maximum votes and thus, it was announced that she would be the first captain of the season. After that, Manu was seen quite disappointed and sad and it seemed as if he was trying to gain some cheap sympathy from the audience.

Meanwhile, Manu and Mona Lisa friendship also seems to be blossoming quite rapidly.


In tomorrow’s episode, Bigg Boss would ask names of those two contestants from Bani, who deserve to be punished. Bani would give the names of Lopamudra Raut and Manveer Gurjar, which would give rise to some more fights and arguments in the house.


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