Episode 24 – Swami Om Returns to Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 24 – First Posted on 10th November 2016

So today’s bigg boss 10 episode brought the biggest twist of the season when Bigg Boss gathered all the housemates in the garden area to announce that from now on wards, there would neither be any celebrities nor commoners inside the house.

It was further announced that there would neither be any servers nor owners in the house and all the contestants would be known as “housemates“. Moreover, everyone would play for himself or herself rather than playing as a team. With that, Bigg Boss also burnt the old rules book in front of all the housemates.


Bigg Boss then later in the day gave the housemates 1400 luxury budget points to buy items of their own choice. While the housemates were choosing items from plasma, suddenly Om Jee’s picture appeared with a bid of 1400 points but none of them agreed to get him back inside the house.

However, they got a little confused if there was a chance that he could get back inside the house.

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Nevertheless, after some time, Bigg Boss sent Swami Om Jee into the house. Soon after his arrival, he started beating about the bush and told a lot of lies to the housemates.


He said that he had got maximum votes last time and he would stay in the house till the finale. He also told that he had gone outside the house and was not in any secret room.

Afterwards, Bigg Boss asked Swami Om Jee to tell each housemate regarding what he thinks about them since he has watched them for three days from the secret house. This led to a lot of fights and arguments involving Mona Lisa, Manu Punjabi, and Nitibha Kaul.


In tomorrow’s episode, Bigg Boss would give three contestants an opportunity to become the captain for the very first time in this season. These three contestants will be Bani, Manu and Swami Om.



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