Episode 21 – Swami Om taken to Bigg Boss’s Secret Room

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 21 – First Posted on 7th November 2016

Today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode started off with a hilarious parody of Swami Om Ji by some individuals who were dressed up just like him.


Later on, Salman Khan also joined them in the dance and then mentioned that Farhan and Shraddha had gone inside the Bigg Boss house yesterday.

After that, a few more clips of their visit inside the house were shown in which they were shown to do some fun activities with various housemates. Shraddha sang a song with Nitibha Kaul while Lokesh Kumari did a rap performance.

After their departure from the home, celebrities team were shown talking about Bani and her weird behavior. There was also an argument between Mona and Gaurav who was not very happy with her.


Farhan and Shraddha then showed up on the stage and mentioned that their upcoming movie “Rock On 2” would be released on November 11, 2016. They were also joined by Arjun Rampal later on and all of them did a lot of crazy stuff on stage with Salman Khan.

Salman then gave a small, fun task to the housemates whereby two pairs were made. The pairs were to be tied to a harness in activity area and be asked a few questions. The housemates had to tell if their answers were right or not.


On each wrong answer, their harness was to loosen a bit until the contestant fell into the muddy water below. Rohan Mehra and Manveer Gurjar went first and Manveer was the one who had to taste the muddy water. Karan Mehra and Manu Punjabi went next and none of them gave wrong answers.

Salman then mentioned that tomorrow, an immunity medallion would be introduced which has something to do with the immunity of one lucky housemate.


However, Salman mentioned that complete information in this regard will only be revealed tomorrow.

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The biggest twist in today’s episode came at the very last moment when it was announced that Swami Om had been eliminated from the show.

However, it was actually not so as after exiting the house, Swami Om was taken to the secret room where he would be able to watch the inmates 24*7. Nevertheless, none of the housemates have any idea about this and according to them, Swami Om has been eliminated from the show.


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