Bigg Boss 11 October 03, 2017 Full Episode Written Update : Five Contestants Nominated for Elimination

Today was the nomination special episode of Bigg Boss season 11. Bigg Boss announced that these nominations would be open and each contestant must nominate two others with an appropriate reason.

Bigg Boss 11 – Episode 2, October 03, 2017

Moreover, they were supposed to do so by stamping on the faces of the nominated contestants. Once the nominations were completed, the contestants who were nominated for elimination were Shilpa, Hina, Jyoti and Zubair.

However, just then, Bigg Boss announced that there was a twist in the tail. It was mentioned to the housemates that the neighbours would be able to save one contestant out of the four nominated ones while they had to nominate two others as well.


The neighbours saved Hina Khan from elimination mentioning that she was quite sensible overall while they nominated Arshi Khan and Bandgi Kalra.

It was eventually announced by Bigg Boss that the contestants who were nominated today included Shilpa, Jyoti, Zubair, Arshi Khan and Bandgi.

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Later on, Akash Dadlani spoke some very negative things about other housemates which were obviously not appreciated by others. Vikas and Akash also had a huge argument in between where Vikas was seen quite angry, mentioning that Akash had no respect for others in the house.

Akash however later on seemed to realize his mistake as he was seen sitting with Vikas, sorting out the things.

Bigg Boss meanwhile reminded the neighbors regarding yesterday’s task whereby they were to act as if they were relatives in front of the contestants in the main Bigg Boss house. It seemed as if they would be asked to enter the main Bigg Boss house soon.

In tomorrow’s episode, a very interesting task “BB Farm” would be given to the housemates for luxury budget. In this task, the whole house would be turned into a farm and Akash would be seen having real fun with others in the task.


  1. Zuber bahut blabla korte hain. Oh bahar ho jayengeto aacha hoga. Baate korneki koi thik nehi hain. But other contesting is ok.


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