Episode 15 – Seven Contestants Nominated for Elimination

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 15 – First Posted on 1st November 2016

Today’s bigg boss 10 episode was quite interesting as it was a nomination special. Earlier in the day, it was shown that Bani was talking to Manveer in a very casual way.


After some time, the commoners team was sitting and some of them asked each other if they were engaged or not. Swami Om Ji than joked that Manveer had made a new girl friend inside the house; he was actually pointing towards Bani.

At that time, Manveer did not react to it but later on, had a huge fight with Swami Om Jee. He also involved Bani for no reason and told her that Swami Jee had said something nasty about her. Manu also took Manveer’s side and got really angry, as usual.


After that, nominations started and Bigg Boss called every housemate inside the confession room one by one. Bigg Boss mentioned that today, everyone had to nominate two contestants from their own teams and also that Navin could not be nominated since he had won the immunity task last week.

At the end of nominations, it was announced that Mona Lisa, VJ Bani, Lopamudra Raut, Swami Om, Manu Punjabi, Nitibha Kaul and Manveer Gurjar had been nominated for elimination.


Bani seemed to be quite upset and she even showed her anger to Gaurav Chopra, explaining that he had not expected a nomination from him. Afterwards, Swami Om yet again indulged into a fight with Lopamudra for not a very wise reason.

In tomorrow’s episode, it was shown that Bigg Boss house will be turned into a kingdom most probably for a luxury budget task. However, it was also shown that a few more fights would talk place among various contestants.

Navin was yet again shown yelling for no reason and even destroying his image further among the audience outside.


  1. The most boring season of all. First of all the celebrities are not doing anything and the Big boss is sending out a wrong message to the masses by promoting a corrupt contestant like Navin


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