Episode 14 – Akanksha Sharma Eliminated from Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 14 – First Posted on 31st October 2016

Today was a bigg boss 10 Diwali special “Weekend ka Vaar” with Salman Khan and the episode started off with a cute dance performance of Salman with some kinds.


After that, Salman greeted everybody a happy Diwali and then showed some clips after yesterday’s episode. There, Mona Lisa was yet again seen complaining about celebrities as she was talking to Manu Punjabi [Antara Biswas] and Manveer Gurjar. Salman then talked to housemates for a while and had some witty moments with them.

After that, Salman played a light hearted and fun game with the housemates called “Thappar se darr lagta hai” (I am afraid of the slap).


According to this game, some housemates were to be called inside the activity area one by one and being asked a few questions. They had to answer by saying yes or no and the housemates had to decide if the contender was right or wrong by showing green or red cards. If more red cards were shown, the contender would get a slap.

Later on in the show, Salman called three common women to the stage who gave a very good analysis regarding various housemates. They basically shared the feedback of the audiences in general about the performance of housemates. Salman then announced that Gaurav Chopra was safe in the house.

After that, Salman mentioned that either Akanksha Sharma or Nitibha Kaul would be eliminated today but whosoever stays, only does so by a little margin. Eventually, it was announced that Akanksha Sharma had been eliminated today.

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Bharti and Karan also joined Salman in today’s episode and had some hilarious moments with the housemates. Priyanka Jagga also came to the show and Bharti took her class in a funny way, which was quite enjoyable.


In tomorrow’s nomination special episode, the housemates will have to nominate two contestants each from their own team which will create a very interesting twist.


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