Episode 100 – Bigg Boss Contestants Get a Wonderful Feast

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 100 – First Posted on 25th January 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss episode, Bigg Boss once again congratulated all the housemates on reaching the finale week.

Next, it was also announced that in celebration of this, Bigg Boss would arrange a wonderful feast for them inside the house. However, it was also announced that whether this feast would take place or not, depends entirely on the housemates.

This will be determined by the outcome of a task which was being given to the housemates called “BB Dhaba“.

According to this task, the house was converted into a Dhaba, and there were two teams. Manveer was made the owner of the Dhaba while the teams Lopa consisted of Lopamudra and Rohan while team Bani comprised of Bani and Manu.

Bigg Boss would give orders from time to time and the ingredients required for the task would need to be picked up by Bani and Lopamudra from the store room in the presence of Manveer. Both of the teams had to try to prepare delicious dishes and Manveer would be the judge of the task.

The first order given by Bigg Boss was that of a Chinese dish which was won by team Bani. Next order was that of an Italian dish during the preparation of which, a huge fight started between Lopamudra and Manveer.

Rohan also jumped in, taking Lopa’s side; however the order was finally won by team Bani again. The third order was that of a sweet dish which was yet again won by team Bani.

Bigg Boss then announced that the task was successfully finished and praised the hard work of all the housemates during the task. Also read about bigg boss 10 winner prediction.

Zorawar Kalra, the famous and youngest Indian to own a restaurant was then invited inside the Bigg Boss house along with his chefs who prepared some delicious dishes for the housemates.

In tomorrow’s episode, ex Bigg Boss contestant, Mandana Karimi would visit the Bigg Boss house.


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