Bigg Boss 10: Most Emotional Moments

Whenever you talk about Bigg Boss, what crosses your mind is a few fights, some arguments, exchange of nasty comments, emotional scarring and a lot of trauma.

However, you must not forget that this show is not about such things only. When you think of Bigg Boss, you can always remember some extremely candid moments, some love stories, some love making, some cute hugs and finally, a lot of sacrifices.

Season 10 of the show is just about to end and this season has also been full of drama, entertainment, fights, arguments, friendship, love and a lot of emotion. Today, we will talk about three of the most emotional moments which were witnessed by this season.

Karan Mehra was perhaps the sweetest guy to come to the show, not only in the current season, but on the whole. It was a very emotional moment, when Rohan Mehra tore a picture of his lovely wife on order to save Rohan Mehra from nominations.

Mona Lisa clearly announced on her entry that she had a boyfriend with whom she had been in a live-in relationship for eight years or so.

It was extremely emotional when her boyfriend Vikrant came inside the house only to propose her on his knees. She gracefully accepted his proposal and got married within the house.

Manveer Gurjar had mentioned to various housemates that he had been away from his home for last many years because of some of the differences with his father. Also read about bigg boss 10 winner.

It was an absolute emotional outpour when Manveer’s father came inside the house to meet him after many years. His father hugged him and said that he was very proud of him.


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