Questionnaire for Common Man for Bigg Boss Season 10 Leaked

Well, the fever of Bigg Boss reality television show has affected literally each and every person across India as well as outside it. The initial two promos of the season 10 of the show have become absolutely viral on the internet and perhaps it will not be false to say that there would be hardly anyone who is not waiting for the season 10 of the show to start as soon as possible.

This year, the excitement connected with the Bigg Boss show has reached another level particularly because common man from all across India will also be able to take part in the show along with the celebrities.

Bigg Boss Season 10 Questionnaire

Bigg Boss Season 10 Questionnaire
Bigg Boss Season 10 Questionnaire

Meanwhile, we bring to you something extremely interesting and that is that particular questionnaire which the contestants had to initially fill if they wanted to take part in the season 10 of the show. Yes, you heard it absolutely right. Keep in mind that this questionnaire is only for common man and not for celebrities.

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Send us a kickass video of yourself which must be able to answer the following questions. Remember that the length of the video must not be more than three minutes.

– Give an introduction about yourself as well as describe your nature. Also give a brief account of your strengths as well as weaknesses?

– What do you have in your personality that we should take you in this show?

– What is that particular characteristic in you that makes you unique from others?

– How difficult of easy it is going to be for you to reside inside the house along with other people for approximately hundred days or so?

Please also note that you should dress up in such a way that you look presentable and sexy at the same time. Also, you must be able to communicate fluently in Hindi.


  1. Comment:im reyal comman man..i complet 2 round oudition im wating yor coll 3round oudition bigboss ….fb#abhishek shukla#inst@shukla3929


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