Episode 71 – Gaurav and Bani Lose a Task

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 71 – First Posted on 27th December 2016

In today’s bigg boss season 10 – 2016 – 71 episode, it was shown that Gaurav was seen clarifying his position to Mona Lisa and Lopamudra.

On the other hand, Swami Om went to Mona Lisa and while messaging her head, mentioned that he had never got love in life. He was perhaps trying to clear his stance regarding why he had made a lady such as Priyanka as her daughter.

After that, Mona Lisa and Manu got into an argument which left Mona Lisa quite upset.

In the morning, Mona was seen saying to Nitibha that whatever Manu had said regarding her, was not quite right and he should not have said this on national television. Nitibha advised her to sort things out with Manu so as to avoid any further misunderstandings in the future.

Later on, Bigg Boss called Nitibha inside the confession room and gave her two letters, one to read in front of everyone and other to hide from Gaurav and Bani. The first letter stated that Gaurav and Bani would be taking part in a task in which they would need to answer questions asked by the viewers.

Accordingly, both of them were called inside the confession room and then Nitibha read the second letter loud. According to this letter, the questions would actually not be asked by the viewers but by the rest of housemates. It was mentioned that if Bani and Gaurav and would fail to answer properly and if the housemates cannot bring their true emotions out, then the housemates would fail.

The task started and housemates asked some questions from both of them. Apparently, none of the housemates agreed to what they had said regarding Priyanka’s fights in the house and Nitibha and Bani got into an argument because of this.

After that, Bani and Gaurav were called inside the confession room and asked another question which further made the housemates furious.

Finally, as they came out, Bigg Boss revealed the secret but the majority of housemates thought that their answers were not appropriate. Rohan though took Bani’s side and Manveer got quite angry about this.

Bigg Boss announced that Gaurav and Bani had lost the task as majority of housemates did not agree to their answers.


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