Episode 5 – Commoners Continue to be the Owners of Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 5 – First Posted on 22nd October 2016

In today’s episode, Bigg Boss announced that although the commoners team had won yesterday’s task, yet they had broken one very important rule. The commoners had actually kept on cooking time and again during the task which was against the rule.

Bigg Boss thus announced that another chance will be given to celebrities team to turn the things over and become the new owners of the house.


Explaining the task, Bigg Boss mentioned that two contestants will be chosen from each team who will be made to sit on rocking horses. They will be required to sit on the horses for the maximum length of time.

However, the twist was that they had to drink a full mug of water every now and then. The team whose both contestants will get off the rocking horse first will lose the task.

The contestants which were chosen from the celebrities team were VJ Bani and Gaurav Chopra while from the commoners team were Naveen Prakash and Priyanka Jagga. During the task, Priyanka had another argument with Rohan Mehra and then a pretty huge one with VJ Bani.


Nevertheless, Bani got off the horse first followed by Naveen. After that, Gaurav also gave up and as a result of this, Priyanka went on to win the task. Bigg Boss then announced that the commoners had won the task and therefore, they continue to be the owners of the house.

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Also, Bigg Boss gave a special right to Priyanka as the winner of the task according to which she could free one of the two jailed contestants. Priyanka obviously called the name of Swami Jee and he was taken out of the jail.


When today’s episode ended, Mona Lisa was shown crying bitterly inside the jail saying that she had not committed a serious crime to be jailed for such a long period of time.



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