Episode 4 – Commoners Team Wins the First Luxury Budget Task

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 4 – First Posted on 21st October 2016

Today’s episode was a “Maha” episode of two hours duration. The start of the episode showed the continuation of yesterday’s task called “Raaz (secret)“. The celebrities team was shown another secret which they were supposed to guess.

However, yet again, the celebrities team lost as their guess was incorrect.


After that, it was shown that yesterday’s fight between Rohan Mehra and Priyanka grew worse and even intense. While Rohan gave a glass of water to Priyanka, some water fell onto her shirt due to which she became extremely upset and angry.

The fight grew so worse that literally every single housemate got involved in that and had long arguments with each other. Priyanka ordered Rohan to go into the jail which he did.


Rohan seemed to be quite upset after he came out of the jail. This was mainly because Priyanka had also talked a lot of bad things about Rohan’s family which obviously was not a good thing to do.

Bigg Boss then announced that the first luxury budget task of the season would end today. Bigg Boss also mentioned that at the end of the task, two of the housemates would be jailed for quite a long time.

After that, the task was continued and the celebrities team lost three points on a trot. After the end of the task, Bigg Boss asked everyone from the commoners team to reveal their secrets in front of all. Bigg Boss then announced that the celebrities team lost the task and also that the commoners stay to be the owners of the house.

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Priyanka indulged in yet another fight with Lopamudra Raut regarding mopping. Priyanka seemed to be absolutely crazy in today’s episode and it looked as if she just wanted to seek attention of audiences. Bigg Boss then announced that both of the teams had to nominate one contestant from their respective teams whose performance was the worst in the task.


The two names which were taken by the housemates were Mona Lisa and Swami Om Jee and both of them were sent to the jail.

Later in the day, Priyanka once again had a huge fight and this time, her victim was Mona Lisa. Manveer intervened in between taking Priyanka’s side for no reason.

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