Episode 39 – Rohan Mehra Becomes the Captain Again

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 39 – First Posted on 25th November 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode, yesterday’s task was continued and it was shown that Lopamudra once again tried to steal gold but in vain.

She even tied Rohan with rope but still she could not be successful in doing so. As the day started, Bani got into a fight with Mona Lisa and then Swami Om Jee also jumped in, taking Mona’s side. Bani did not like it at all and seemed to be quite upset.


However, the task was resumed after some time and during the task, Swami Om blamed Rahul Dev for hiding some gold. This really disturbed Rahul and he said some very nasty things about Swami Om.

Even Rahul got upset and took Gaurav’s side but this did not go well with Swami Jee as he had worked a lot during the task, yesterday.


After the task was ended, Bigg Boss announced that a secret task had been given to Lopa and Manu and both of them had been unsuccessful in doing that. Also, they were unable to hide it from rest of the housemates, which was why none of them could compete for captaincy.

It was also announced that since Rohan had completed the task very well, he would retain the captaincy for the next week as well.


Today, Bani was seen crying as she looked at a few personal photos of her loved ones. Gaurav tried to make her happy but she did not like it and asked Gaurav to leave.


Tomorrow, Bigg Boss would make four puppets for Rohan namely Nitibha, Mona, Swami Om and Lopamudra. Rohan would be giving some different types of punishment to the puppets and Swami Om would be seen yelling at Rohan for this.

Also, it was shown that this weekend, Vidya Balan will have something very important as she announces to come inside the Bigg Boss house along with four wildcard entrants.


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