Episode 32 – Rohan Mehra becomes the New Captain of Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 32 – First Posted on 18th November 2016

In today’s Bigg Boss 10 episode, Bigg Boss called Rohan Mehra inside the confession room and asked him to tell the names of those two contestants from their team who had underperformed in the last task.


Obviously, this had to be decided by mutual agreement and Bigg Boss also mentioned that the remaining four contestants from their team will compete for captaincy in a tournament.

After some arguments, they came up with the names of Lokesh Kumari Sharma and Bani Judge as under performers. Bigg Boss then announced that the captaincy tournament will be played by Rahul Dev, Rohan, Karan Mehra and Lopamudra Raut.

In the first phase, Karan and Lopamudra were against each other and both of them had to balance a sea saw placed in garden area with a flower pot on the other side. Definitely, the last person standing was to be the winner.


Also, the housemates were allowed to encourage whom they supported and could discourage whom they were against. Lopamudra eventually went on to win the task but Karan also played quite well.

In the second phase, Rahul and Rohan were against each other and both of them were wrapped with tight sheets and they had to win a race and stand up at the end, without support. Rohan ultimately won the task and Bigg Boss then asked the housemates to vote for either Rohan or Lopamudra.


After the voting was over, Rohan got more votes and thus, he was made the captain of the house.

Rohan’s captaincy however was not welcomed by some housemates and a fight initiated regarding where who will sleep. Manu Punjabi, as usual, added file to fuel and Lokesh also yelled at Rohan.

In tomorrow’s episode, a very huge fight will take place between Rohan and Lopamudra and Lopa will even break some kitchen items in anger.



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