Episode 2 – 19th October 2016 – Swami Om Jee indulging in Fights with Akansha and Lopamudra

Bigg Boss season 10 has just started and seems that it has been the most interesting launch ever. No other season except the current season has had so much intensity to start off.

Here, in this season, the celebrities and commoners seem to tie up against each other from the word go. Interestingly, as less as two days have gone by, but we have already listened to the phrases “gang”, “group” and so on. Also, we witnessed two crisp fights yesterday which was quite astonishing.

Bigg Boss 10 – Episode 2 – 19th Sep 2016


Today, a task was given to the housemates named “Raaz (secret) whereby it was announced that the contestants had to guess one secret of others. This secret had been given to Bigg Boss by every housemate individually. It was also announced that at the end of the task, whichever team wins will become the owners of the house and the other team will have to follow all of their orders.

The task started and secret from Akansha Sharma was correctly guessed by the celebrities team. Having done that, Swami Om Jee indulged in a huge fight with Akansha and accused her of losing the first point in the task. Swami Jee was suddenly seen in a very different mood and tone which was not expected of him.


After that, Swami Jee took Lopamudra Raut inside the room and literally started threatening her for no good reason. Next, Swami Jee went to Gaurav Chopra and said that Akansha wanted to marry him and also said quite a few other nasty things about her character. It eventually got so worse that Bigg Boss had to call Swami Jee inside the confession room and he was scolded there.

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Swami Jee after coming out of the room apologized to everyone however, no one accepted his apology as it seemed as if the apology did not come straight from his heart.



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