Bigg Boss Season 10 Starts Today

Well, all of you whether you are currently in India or outside India, those who have been anxiously waiting for the launch of the show, the mega date has eventually arrived.


Yes, we are talking about the grand date of October 16, 2016, Sunday, whereby the Bigg Boss season 10 had been scheduled to initiate. We all have been waiting for the launch of the season 10 since January 2016 when Mr. Salman Khan announced in the finale of season 9 that the new season will bring along a lot of changes and will be even more interesting.

The show will be hitting our television screens in only a few hours from now and yes, it will be for the very first time in the history of the show that some of the commoners from all across India will also be taking part in the show.

Yes, the commoners will have as much chance of winning the ultimate title and prize money as any celebrity contestants will have. Something of this sort has never ever been done in any reality show in the history of Indian television and for this, we have to salute the producers of the show as well as the channel. This definitely must not have been a simple or easy choice to make.

However, having said that, only time will tell whether the new format of the show is accepted by the audiences or not. Nevertheless, whatever feedback is available till now, the ratings and TRP of the show is going to be bigger and better this time around, which is great for the show itself as well as the channel.

Also, it is worth mentioning here that according to the CEO of the channel, if the current format is a hit, we might get to see two seasons of the show every year, one for commoners and other for celebrities exclusively.

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